Legal Rap

Legal Rap: Everything You Need to Know

Yo, yo, listen up, it’s time to learn about the law, february 25 is a legal holiday,
gotta know the facts, gotta be cool and mellow.

When it comes to legal weights in Alberta,
you gotta stay in line, don’t wanna pay no fine,
make sure your loads are all legal and right,
or else you’ll be in for a legal fight.

If you’re in Michigan and need some legal aid,
don’t be afraid, just dial the legal aid hotline,
they’ll help you out, no need to pout,
you’ll get the assistance you need, without a doubt.

When it comes to a service agreement for cleaning service,
you better read the fine print, don’t take a hint,
make sure it’s all legal and sound,
or else trouble will soon come around.

Thinking of going to small claims court,
better know the lawyer fees for small claims court,
gotta be prepared, don’t be scared,
understand the costs, no need to get lost.

Need to understand the financing agreement definition,
gotta get it right, don’t wanna be in a legal fight,
read the details, understand the terms,
or else you’ll end up with legal concerns.

How many years do you study law?
Well, it depends, how many years do you study law,
gotta put in the time, gotta bust a rhyme,
learn the law, don’t be in awe.

Is it legal to evade or avoid tax?
Well, let me relax, evade vs avoid tax,
gotta know the difference, gotta keep your distance,
stay on the legal side, don’t take a bumpy ride.

Want to check the legitimacy of a business?
Well, here’s a little witness, how to check the legitimacy of a business,
do your research, don’t be in distress,
make sure it’s all legit, don’t get hit.

When it comes to diversity of citizenship definition law,
gotta know the legal jurisdiction, don’t be in a friction,
understand the diversity, no need for adversity,
stay legal and clear, no need to fear.