The Legal Rap

Yo, listen up, I got some legal tips
Whether you’re a landlord or dealing with exports and ships
Let me break it down, it’s all in the info
From Kentucky to Canada, from food stamps to a new in-law’s will
To start a business, top 10 in Pakistan
We got the lowdown, no need for a fan
Let’s dive right in, don’t be shy
I’ll give you the scoop, and you’ll be flying high

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When it comes to business, Pakistan’s where it’s at
Low investment ideas, we got plenty, just chat
Legal infrastructure, we got you covered too
From roads to bridges, we know what to do
Landlord tenant issues, we got you sorted out
Kentucky legal aid, for residents, no doubt
Routed export agreements, we’re the experts, can’t you see
We’ll guide you through, from A to Z
Are tasers legal in Canada, well, that’s one to ponder
Tally legit company, we’ll remove your wonder
Drug legal classification, we’re on top of the game
New food stamp laws, we know all the name
Mandate law definition, we’ll explain it clear
The legal rap, no need to fear